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Maritime and Land Satellite Phone and terminals

MCNUK is a company who provides satellite phone products and technical service of Thrane&Thrane, Nera and JRC (The world's only three satellite terminal manufacture) in Europe and Asia market.

MCN International services' current portfolio -
an unparalleled and comprehensive array of digital services suits all sizes and types of clients, makes it an ideal service solution for a number of markets including:

  • Government
  • Merchant
  • Fishing
  • Leisure

Whichever type of business that you operate, we have a solution to meet your needs.

Global coverage via Inmarsate satellite system

Clients benefit from a seamless global network covering all the major land, shipping lanes and oceans. This has major implications for safety and security, as well as for business-critical communications.


Year on year, Inmarsat has an unrivalled proven network availability of over 99.99 per cent - a requirement under our public service safety obligations. Inmarsat owns and operates all its 11 satellites and therefore has full control of its services.


From our product systems, which offers a wide range of voice, fax and data services, through specialized communication management and safety offerings, MCN Internatinal can deliver the maritime and land solution to meet your needs.

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